Family Law

Serving Families In The Brunswick Area

Those dealing with a family law issue come to Ranger Copeland French, P.A. with a variety of goals for their case. However, most of the time, parents want to remain involved in their children's lives, and continue to have a voice in how the kids are raised, even after divorce.

Ranger Copeland French, P.A. has been representing family law clients in Cumberland and Sagadahoc counties for more than 40 years. The firm's lawyers assist people seeking protection for their parental rights, or their property rights in divorce. They can help people facing cases that involve:

  • Divorce
  • Same-sex marriage and divorce
  • Parental rights and responsibilities
  • Determining paternity
  • Protective custody of children
  • Adoption
  • Domestic violence

Why Hiring The Right Family Law Attorney Matters

People in Cumberland County or Sagadahoc County, Maine, facing the loss of their children or seeking to protect their children from danger can turn to an attorney at Ranger Copeland French, P.A. Additionally, people going through divorce need experienced and personalized legal assistance in order to receive their fair share of the marital property, and determine child custody, child support and other important issues.

Ranger Copeland French, P.A. helps its clients reach a positive result through developing an understanding of the unique circumstances each client is going through. Its attorneys use a combination of their years of experience and a common-sense approach to family law.

Contact Ranger Copeland French, P.A. For An Appointment

Family law problems can be highly sensitive, but the assistance of a Ranger Copeland French, P.A. attorney can mean the difference between a positive and unfortunate result. For an appointment, please call 207-725-5509 or contact the firm on its online email form.